Healing the Brain and Brain Plasticity

A great essay from the weekend Wall Street Journal about maintaining brain health through aging, injury, and disease processes. There are no guarantees in life, but there is excellent proof that physical, emotional, intellectual, and social engagement in life enhances brain function into middle and old age. This article did not mention neurofeedback, but does discuss other forms of brain entrainment like auditory therapy. Neurotherapy is unique in that it persuades the brain’s own white and gray matter to perform training tasks on their own. It is a “learned” process that is dependent on the brain plasticity described in the article.


Brain Health and Fitness

The Washington Post has run a great article about how body and brain fitness are one and the same.


This is not theory or conjecture; it is proven over and over with scientific studies. Exercise improves overall energy levels and moods. A fit body also provides the brain with better nutrients, oxygen, and detoxification. A complete inability to exercise is extremely rare. So get creative and find regular activities that work out your body and your brain!